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Hair Bow Sewing Tutorial

Hello folks! I’ve been hunting the internet for a bow pattern that would be simple, quick and above all not using hot glue (As...

National Library Of Wales, BBC and… Chairs?!

Hello everyone! The weather has been crazy here! I hope those in flooded areas are safe and it gets settles down soon! For today’s post...
Acrylic on canvas
Prints available as original £350

New Works – 11th January 2014

Hello! Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all have over indulged over the festive period and enjoyed every minute! Brand New...
Acrylic on canvas
Prints available as original £350

New Works December 2013

Hello Everyone, Just a quick post to show off a few new images from David’s new works, click the images below for a larger...

A Scottie Dog Christmas At The Kells

Hello folks, Holiday time at the Kells, the dogs are joining in the carol singing! Merry Christmas Everyone! Art update: David will be displaying...
Morning before visitors arrived.

Grand Opening – Day One Complete!

Hello folks! So if you’ve checked out our Twitter feed (now handily viewable in our brand new Twitter widget below) or Facebook page you’ll...

Open Day – The Final Countdown!

Hello folks! Long time no see! The family has been really busy recently with The Kells, we have been open a few weeks now...

Time For Tea?

Hello Folks, Work at the Kell is coming along nicely, while most of the Kell is still a work in progress, I just had...

D A Light and the modern world

Hello folks, Just a quick update, there’s LOADS of photos to come of the progress that is being made at The Kells. Some absolutely...
Spittal to Treffgarne

Website Updates

Good Afternoon! As Nicola said ‘We have moved’  and now the website is up and running. However there is still lots to do! Not...