SQUIRREL! So…What’s new?

Hey! Long time no see! We seem to have neglected this poor blog in exchange for devoting time to our Facebook and Twitter pages,...
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Hair Bow Sewing Tutorial

Hello folks! I’ve been hunting the internet for a bow pattern that would be simple, quick and above all not using hot glue (As...

National Library Of Wales, BBC and… Chairs?!

Hello everyone! The weather has been crazy here! I hope those in flooded areas are safe and it gets settles down soon! For today’s post...
Acrylic on canvas
Prints available as original £350

New Works – 11th January 2014

Hello! Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all have over indulged over the festive period and enjoyed every minute! Brand New...
Acrylic on canvas
Prints available as original £350

New Works December 2013

Hello Everyone, Just a quick post to show off a few new images from David’s new works, click the images below for a larger...

A Scottie Dog Christmas At The Kells

Hello folks, Holiday time at the Kells, the dogs are joining in the carol singing! Merry Christmas Everyone! Art update: David will be displaying...
Morning before visitors arrived.

Grand Opening – Day One Complete!

Hello folks! So if you’ve checked out our Twitter feed (now handily viewable in our brand new Twitter widget below) or Facebook page you’ll...

Open Day – The Final Countdown!

Hello folks! Long time no see! The family has been really busy recently with The Kells, we have been open a few weeks now...

Time For Tea?

Hello Folks, Work at the Kell is coming along nicely, while most of the Kell is still a work in progress, I just had...

D A Light and the modern world

Hello folks, Just a quick update, there’s LOADS of photos to come of the progress that is being made at The Kells. Some absolutely...