Grand Opening – Day One Complete!

Hello folks!

So if you’ve checked out our Twitter feed (now handily viewable in our brand new Twitter widget below) or Facebook page you’ll have seen our live updates of the first day of our Grand Opening!

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who visited today and for making the day absolutely fantastic, you’re welcome back anytime!

Morning before visitors arrived.

Morning before visitors arrived.

We all had a blast with the walks, live music, the gallery was alive with people, we had a lovely garden market and it seemed visitors couldn’t get enough of our rarebit crumpets!

Fran's preserves and cakes

Fran’s preserves and cakes

In fact folks seemed to love our free samples so much they bought our jars of relish, jams and other preserves until we sold out of certain ones. So tonight Fran is already cooking up fresh batches for tomorrow!

Chili relish - Shhh! The recipe is Fran's secret!

Chili relish – Shhh! The recipe is Fran’s secret!

We managed to defy the odds, the weather held, so everyone could enjoy the land but we had a few marquee spots set up just in case.

Country Garden Market - with added extra marquee coverings *just in case!*

Country Garden Market – with added extra marquee coverings *just in case!*

Anne and John were there, as mentioned in our previous post, with some of the most gorgeous displays.

Annie's Quilts

Annie’s Quilts

Little Shop of Mirrors

Little Shop of Mirrors

For more pictures from the day, check out our Flickr.

The day is done, and so to bed… Day two of the opening starts at 10am, if you can, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you!

See you soon…


Also: if you can’t attend, don’t panic we’re already planning future events.
For a hint of the festivities, take part in a ‘virtual’ opening by having a gander at our online galley: and have a listen to our Spotify music playlist that will be playing live at the gallery!

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