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National Library Of Wales, BBC and… Chairs?!

Hello everyone!

The weather has been crazy here! I hope those in flooded areas are safe and it gets settles down soon!

For today’s post I thought we’d look back at some of David’s older paintings that are currently held in the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth.

20140208-063415 pm.jpg20140208-063358 pm.jpg

20140208-064500 pm.jpg20140208-064838 pm.jpg

The series of 12 acrylic on paper paintings were painted over the course of a year, each representing a different month, documenting the season and Welsh fauna in Pembrokeshire.

The paintings can be viewed in the National Library of Wales e-services catalogue via the link below:

National Library of Wales

Alternatively you can watch a slideshow of the collection on the BBC “Your Paintings” (in partnership with The Public Catalogue Foundation) which I’ve also linked below:

Your Paintings

As always any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

In other news, on a craft related thread, I’m undertaking a new chair project with three chairs I purchased for £20 from Gumtree a few weeks back. However I’m having a bit of a fabric crisis!

20140208-061343 pm.jpg

I’m not sure which pattern or colours from my fabric stash to choose from so I’ve been wrapping the seat pad to try and get a feel of which fabric would look the best…. Still none the wiser though! Hopefully I’ll have this sorted by Friday, which is my planned finish date!

20140208-061535 pm.jpg

Will keep you posted (if I ever decide on a blasted fabric!)… Also plans are afoot to get all of David’s acrylic works up into their own gallery like his watercolours, once we’ve managed to get full scans of his new works we’ll let you know!

Until next time, see you soon!


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